11 Incredible Ideas For Green and Environment Friendly Homes

12 Incredible ideas for green and environment friendly homes


Gradual changes for a greener tomorrow!
A green home is one which contributes to minimal energy and water consumption and effects lesser carbon footprint. It preserves the ecology by conserving its sustainable resources. Gradual changes we make to our way of life will have an immense positive impact on our environment. Adopting a lifestyle that supports Nature, not harming it irreversibly, is essentially living green. Let’s see how we can…

Conserving what we have. Realizing the value of the resources we use, goes a long way in conserving natural resources and thus sustains it.  It is common knowledge that if Energy and water are used wisely, would cut our consumption bills and help us save the resources.

Energy audits for efficient green homes: Conducting home energy audits helps us locate where and how the energy is wasted. Leaks, insulation, etc. can be checked and corrected to make our home more energy efficient.

Reduce tree cuts: Use less of products that use paper as its base material. Lesser use of that results in lesser cut trees. Switching to recycled paper napkins instead of the ordinary paper napkins will hardly reduce tree cuts. We should reduce the usage of non-biodegradable objects too.

Recycle and Reuse too, wherever applicable. Reusable items can be used so, instead of being thrown away. Recycling waste would result in less utilization of raw materials, reduces the consumption of energy used to manufacture new products. It thus saves money. It also reduces negative environmental effects resulting from waste disposal. It thus, contributes to a cleaner surrounding.
Sustain use of products: The usage of products we use should be sustained to avoid earlier discard and resultant wastage. Just as choosing to buy only necessary things important, so is wearing it out. That is, we need to take care not to throw a product out before its life.

Grey water recycling too is vital to water conservation. Waste water from washing machines, kitchen sink and bathrooms can be diverted to your gardens. It helps us save potable water.

Rain water harvesting helps you store and use the abundant water which would otherwise go waste. The abundant rain water often runs off, if not collected. By harvesting it, rainwater can be reused on-site for gardening, irrigation and as water for livestock.

Air-purifying plants are a better alternative to chemical purifiers. Plants like aloe-vera, philodendron, boston fern, etc. clear the air of toxins in your home.

Installing solar panels. The renewable energy source is abundantly available and harnessing it intelligently will prove cost effective. It also effects less wastage and a greener ecology.

Well-planned landscaping can keep your home cooler. With their diminishing natural habitat, sources of food and water have become sparse for birds. In our garden a habitat for birds can be created with ample supply of food and water. Growing an organic vegetable or fruits garden with home composting, sustainable, organic fertilizers and organic pest control, can be useful to us and the environment.
Green living can be extended out of home too! As green living demands a lifestyle change, wherever we go, we would follow our norms to support the ecology. By saving money on gas, we decrease emission and contribute to a healthy environment. Car-pooling can be opted for, if the destination is the same for a group of people. We are so used to comfort, that we tend to drive out however short the distance is. So why not ride a bike to where we drive a car, cycle to where we ride, and walk to where we cycle, based on distance, frequency of travel and cost assessments?
A green, healthier home improves the quality of the air indoors, and ensures good health. Besides, a good Return on Investment is assured with energy saved and low maintenance costs. Lesser usage of natural resources results in conservation of the same. What more? A green home is definitely a better choice when our interest is to give our future generation a better and a greener place to live in.

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